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Message from the Director
ABSS Institute of Technology
Disrupt your way of thinking. Reimagine how things are done. Challenge your assumptions. Improve your ability to lead with vision, passion and, purpose.
Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Kr. Sharma

Message from the Advisor   
ABSS Institute of Technology
Visionary industries view their emerging leaders as a long term competitive advantage. They are looking for engineers & managers who can drive change, innovation, and growth. ABSSIT prepares you to achieve all this - and more.
Prof. S.K. Gupta

Message from the Dean (CAC)   
ABSS Institute of Technology
Sharpen critical skills. Expand your vision. Design strategies for today's Global economy. Foster innovation. Create more value. Achieve new levels of performance. Become an outstanding leader.
Prof. (Dr.) Dhananjay Vats
Dean, Career Advancement Cell