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Kastoori Devi Foundation

Studying for a professional graduate or postgraduate degree is challenging but an extremely rewarding experience. You will develop specialist knowledge, hone your professional skills and enhance your career prospects.

The ABSS Institute of Technology offers a mature study environment and a broad range of programmes that anticipate and respond to development in professional life and applied knowledge.

Whether you are studying to embark on a new career, update your professional skills and knowledge or continuing your studies at an advanced level through a Masters Course, you will find that our innovative, extensive and international portfolio of postgraduate and professional programmes will fulfill your requirement.

Here at ABSS we will help your develop technical and managerial expertise with the blend of Indian values (Respect for Nation, Teachers, Parents, Elders, Females, Poor etc.) We will work on improving your Intelligence Quotient as well as your Emotional Quotient which is required to be successful in life.All the best!

Shashi Bharadwaj